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A Valuable Resource

As with any nonprofit organization, volunteers are an important part of the GRCIE mix.  What they are able to add is often more valuable than any other contribution.  There is no substitute for the lasting benefit that positive human interaction can have.  And that is why we seek and welcome volunteers to work with and possibly mentor our students.


An Opportunity to Give Back

We welcome volunteers with all kinds of backgrounds and skills but, of course, have the greatest need for individuals with knowledge of and experience with cybersecurity.  The insight that can be shared is something that is not likely to be gained from any other source.  The benefit to our students goes far beyond what any formal lesson can impart.


Though automation could result in the elimination of 85 million jobs, it’s also predicted to create 58 million new jobs.


Average Salary increase of NextCISO grad.


U.S. underemployment rate in 2021.


Average Salary of NextCISO grad.

Volunteer Opportunities

A Flexible Arrangement

Whether you have many hours to give or a limited number, we would love to hear from you. We can put your talents and skills to work where the maximum benefit will be realized. Some of the ways you might consider helping are:
Join our volunteer network

Become a Volunteer


Create an account in our ATS system. Here you will be asked to specify how you’d like to volunteer. We are looking for teachers, mentors and community partners. We’d love to hear how you can bring your expertise to GRCIE!

Our team will reach out

Our Program Coordinator will set up a time for you to chat with the founders.

Change lives

We will identify how to best pair your skillset with our needs, and we will be grateful for your help!

I’d like to help!


Volunteer Criteria

What are the volunteer opportunities?

We are always looking for volunteers! Are you a Cybersecurity professional and want to help?

Lend your expertise to teach a class or speak to our students!
Become a mentor to one of our students.
Become a community partner.

Who is qualified to be a mentor?

Anyone with industry experience willing to gift their time to our students! Cybersecurity professionals willing to teach, human resources professions willing to help our students get interview-ready, and marketing professionals willing to help our students polish their personal brands can immediately make an impact.


Words from Volunteers & Teachers


Want to get involved?

Want to lend your expertise by teaching, becoming a mentor or partnering with us? Let us know!
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