The Growing Field of Cloud Security and What it Means to You

Now that everything is in the cloud — who’s going to secure all of that data? Cloud security is a growing field inside a field with a great shortage of talent, so if you’re curious about cyber security, the cloud is a great place to start. Join us for this panel that will include moderated questions, as well as a Q&A portion — bring your questions and your curiosity.
Jenai Marinkovic – Executive Director – GRCIE & vCTO/CISO TiroSecurity
Jenai is a multi-disciplinary technologist and strategist with 20 years of experience in architecting, building, and securing systems at scale. She has designed and operated cybersecurity capabilities in live sports, gaming and entertainment, biomedical manufacturing, laboratory diagnostics, healthcare, and robotics in agriculture. She is an expert speaker for ISACA with a special focus on emergent technology and cybersecurity futurism trends. She has run architecture, innovation, engineering, security, and operations teams. Her security expertise spans security architecture, engineering, defense, and forensics. Jenai is a founding member of the NextCISO Apprenticeship, an organization dedicated to preparing women and people of color for positions in the GRC industry while identifying and cultivating potential CISOs at the onset of their careers.
Sara Tumbarella, CISSP – Sr. Cloud Security Engineer & Information Security Manager at Foghorn Consulting
Sara is a Sr. Cloud Security Engineer & Information Security Manager at Foghorn Consulting where she helps clients secure cloud systems, automate compliance, and navigate regulatory requirements. Prior to Foghorn, she was the Information Security Manager at SRS Acquiom based in Denver. She has a passion for helping companies build information security programs from the ground up that are tailored to meet their unique needs and requirements. Sara holds an M.S in Information Systems and Security and has been awarded the following certifications: CISSP, and AWS – Security Specialty.